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Fly with the Crøw.

Crøw Starbird (born Crosby Alexander Adlard, April 17th, 2000  in Cambridge, MA) is a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on drum set percussion. He is a brother of Phi Mu Alpha and a long-time student of music.

Crøw's pursuit of music began at the earliest possible stage, with his mother and father raising him on a wide variety of classic rock and metal. At age 9, he attended a local musician jam session with his family and got his first glimpse behind the drum set. Thoroughly captivated, he received his first drum set for Christmas a year later. 

From there, he began dedicating himself to academic bands through all of middle and high school, joining two separate jazz bands, concert band, and becoming a founding member of his academy's Performance Jazz Band, all the while taking private lessons and teaching himself in his spare time.

Anchor Rock Club. 4.1.22. Dakota Centrone.

Talents and Abilities:

Instruments: Drum Set, Cajon, African Percussion, Piano/Keys,  Acoustic Guitar.

Vocals: Soft Vocals, Harsh Vocals, Vocal Fry.

Also available for Backing Vocals.


Prog, Goth, Thrash, Glam, Doom, Speed,  Nu, Grunge, Alternative, Classic/Modern Rock.

Also proficient in Jazz, Swing, Blues, and Funk.

In high school he was recruited by the MBDA Drum Core to serve as the sole marching quint player for the Old Orchard Beach High School Marching Band, with whom he won three separate gold medals. He then went on to win a fourth while associated with the Sanford High School Winter Percussion. He also received a Judge's Choice Award from the Berklee Academy of Music in Boston during the 50th annual High School Jazz Festival.

He attended the University of Hartford as a Film and Cinema major, where he learned valuable video and audio recording skills, along with networking with other musicians, directors and artists. He began teaching himself to play the piano and guitar, and joined Hawkapella, the all-male a-cappella group on campus. He continued to keep his percussion skills sharp by becoming the Rookie of the Year for the University's Pep Band.

While in college, he also began a short career as a radio host and disc jockey for WSAM, opening a podcast with his friend titled "The Shadow Realm".

In his Sophomore year, he joined the Music Fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, with whom he produced and performed a Ghost and Black Sabbath tribute show for the entire University. He then continued developing his musical skills on his own after leaving College.

Shortly after leaving university, he was briefly a member of the New York-based 80's-inspired metal group Conquer At Will, with which he played from 2021-2022.

In the spring of 2022, he joined New Jersey-based Post Emo band Misery! , opening with them for the well-known band Cold and playing with Misery! at the Launch Music Conference & Festival. 

Crow has also seen great success as the touring drummer for the disco-metal act Makes My Blood Dance, doing multiple national runs with them throughout the duration of 2023.

2023 saw Crow stretch his proverbial wings as he began growing his network, joining and maintaining several bands over the course of the year. This roster includes the abovementioned Makes My Blood Dance, and introducing the 70's-inspired acts Starfox and the Fleet and Indigo Fuzz.

Crow has also become the new drummer for the theatrical heavy metal band Kore Rozzik as they tour supporting rock & roll legend Ace Frehley.

Bands, Groups & Associated Acts

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

2020 - Ad Mortem

Conquer At Will

2021 - 2022


2022 - Present

Makes My Blood Dance

2023 - 2023

Kore Rozzik

2023 - Present

Starfox and the Fleet

2023 - Present

Indigo Fuzz

2023 - 2023

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